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    2021-09-29 10:29:19 来源:http://www.joemulveyart.com
    During the piano handling, due to the small space size of the elevator in the community, it often happens that the elevator can not be put down. After the discussion and repeated thinking and experiment of the personnel mainly responsible for handling the piano in shuanxincompany, the specific operation method for safely handling the piano in the small elevator is finally formulated. The operation steps are as follows:
    1. Before the piano enters the elevator, lay soft thick blankets or quilts evenly in the open area in front of the elevator door, with a size of about 1.5m * 2m.
    2. Get the piano off the stage and move it to the side where the thick blanket or quilt is paved.
    3. Use 4-5 people to carefully put the piano on your back on the blanket or quilt, and then lift one end up and let the piano stand on its side.
    4. Hold the piano firmly, pull the blanket or quilt, and carefully move the piano slowly into the elevator until it is completely put into the elevator.
    5. Start the elevator to go upstairs.
    6. After arriving at the customer's floor, hold the piano, pull the blanket or quilt, and pull the piano out of the elevator.
    7. Carefully lift up the piano according to the same method and slowly push the piano to the customer's door.
    8. Lift the piano over the threshold, place the piano in the designated position and pad it firmly.
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