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    2021-11-09 11:49:59 来源:http://www.joemulveyart.com
    1. Whether moving is lucky or not, we should choose to move during the day as much as possible, especially before the sun sets.
    2. After moving, burn a pot of hot water to cool, and sprinkle some water in every corner of the house with boiled water, especially in every corner, so as to promote good luck and eliminate evil spirits.
    3. Moving, whether it is an enterprise or an individual family, if there is a pregnant woman, you must avoid it. Don't witness the moving process. At the same time, you should worship God. If you have conditions, you can set off firecrackers. If you have conditions, you'd better step on balloons and listen to the sound.
    4. Turn on all the lights in the house, add luster and light, and promote the prosperity of family transportation. In addition, open windows for ventilation to welcome the good luck of the new family, accept the auspicious vitality, and promote the prosperity of family transportation.
    5. On the day of moving, you should write the word "money full" on red paper in your rice jar and grain bag, or put some money in order to promote the wealth of your family.
    6. Don't be angry, quarrel or swear when moving. You must say more auspicious words and auspicious things.
    7. On the night of moving, you must sleep in the bedroom. Couples try to choose one bed to rest. Don't rest in other houses, such as the study.
    8. Eat some sweets on the first day of moving. It's best to have a little boy playing in the house. It's best to warm the pot within a month after moving, that is, it's best for someone to make a house. If you don't warm the pot and make a house, you can sing karaoke at home, invite relatives and the elderly to dinner, etc.
    9. If you move to other cities, you can pack a bag of rice, bring some tap water, catch some local soil and go to a new home to avoid acclimatization and missing your hometown. The most important thing is to promote good luck.
    Warm tip: when moving, you must choose an auspicious day and a good hour and then pay attention to the above discussion. Of course, after choosing an auspicious day and a good hour, you can also move according to local customs. In a word, moving and choosing auspicious luck can make home transportation vigorous, and Feng Shui folk customs pay attention to principles can promote home transportation better.
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