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    2022-02-10 13:29:29 来源:http://www.joemulveyart.com
    After moving, there may be some small problems with the furniture. I don't know how to solve it. This is a waste of time and energy. Today, Dongying fast moving will share with you some ways to solve the furniture problem.
    There are two ways to repair cracks, holes, tables, chairs and cabinets: one is to cut old books and newspapers into pieces, add some alum and water, burn them into a paste, embed them in the cracks, and then dry them fully. The second is to mix the sawdust and white glue evenly, embed them into the cracks, and polish them with sandpaper after a day and night, which is simple and economical.
    If the hinge is loose, you can take a piece of wood as thin as chopsticks. After sharpening, insert it into the wood screw hole with white glue water, hammer it in, break the wood strip after hammering, screw in the wood screw, and then tighten the wood screw.
    Paint stains and paint drops on furniture can be wiped off with wax water when it is not dry, or gently wiped with steel wool soaked in wax oil. If the paint is dry, drop linseed oil on the paint to spoil it, then wipe it off with a cloth, and then polish it with limestone and wax oil.
    Paint peeling varnish after a small piece of paint on the surface of furniture is peeled off, it can be brushed with paint with the same color as advertising paint, and then coated with varnish on the surface, that is, it is intact.
    The burnt wood shall be scraped off with a blade, cleaned with steel wool, and then filled with bakelite to repair the furniture. The oil should be polished and then polished with furniture wax.
    Put on the drawer clothes. The drawer can be pulled out and turned over. Use an electric iron to burn a layer of candle oil on the drawer to make the oil enter the wood. Burning candle oil on the corresponding path of the table cabinet in the same way can reduce the wear of the drawer.
    For the rust removal of metal furniture, wipe the rust spots with gauze dipped in a little sewing oil. When the rust spots are exposed, wipe the rust spots with No. 1 fine water sandpaper, wipe the rust spots and oil stains with gauze, and then press the paint and turpentine 2 × Mix and apply evenly on the rust spots in the proportion of 3.
    Small parts of electroplated furniture for rust removal can be soaked in a basin containing engine oil for rust removal; Large parts can be painted with brush or cotton yarn dipped in machine oil on the rusty place, and then wiped for rust removal after a period of time.
    There are two ways to restore the luster of lacquer wood furniture. First, add 1 / 4 cup of vinegar and half a cup of water and wipe with a soft cloth. Secondly, gently wipe once and twice with alcohol or dew and a soft cloth soaked in tea, and then wipe the floor wax.
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