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    The preparatory work before the relocation is essential. You can't wait until the relocation company comes to the door. This is a waste of time, and it may also lead to the scattering and loss of items. Therefore, the correct way is to pack up some fine items before the relocation, and ask the workers of the relocation company to pack up larger items.
    Properly arrange important certificates, decorations, bank cards and securities and take them with you. Purchase storage bags, cardboard boxes, adhesive tapes, bubble films, marker pens, label paper and packing ropes in advance. When packing, start with the infrequently used items: (for example: books, kitchen supplies, food utensils).
    Gather and clean up, and only one room at a time to prevent the items in each room from being disordered and the items cannot be counted. After the goods are packed, remember to write the number on the storage bag / carton, and the identification is clear to facilitate the inventory, so as to prevent the mess in the new home or the loss of goods. Do not leave a space when packing: if there is a space in the box, the items in the box will slide slightly, resulting in the breakage of the carton and the scattering of items, which will affect the development of transfer operation.
    When packing, keep in mind that the goods cannot be too full: it will simply lead to carton damage and goods damage, and it is not easy to fold the boxes, which will lead to dangerous situations. Do not fold the bottom of the folding carton into a well shape: it is simply cracked because it cannot bear the weight of the goods. Carton bottom sealing method: word method, cross method and H-word method. It depends on the items in the box. It is advocated to seal with H-word method.
    For those larger furniture, household appliances and daily necessities, we also need to do a good job of cleaning up in advance. The air conditioner and water heater shall be disassembled in advance, powered off and cleaned to prevent the operation from being affected after moving into a new house. Large items such as unused household appliances and closets have to be given away or recycled in advance. (garbage disposal fee may be charged for littering) unplug the refrigerator before transferring, remove the ice and empty it, and seal the refrigerator door with tape.
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