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    It is mainly aimed at class II strata, solid wood strata, reinforced wood strata and solid wood multi-layer strata. First, solid wood stratum: twist dry cotton mop and wipe. The feet of solid wood stratum feel comfortable and elegant air. However, in spring, when the internal boundary conditions such as humidity and measurement change, it is very easy to appear images such as deformation and cracking. Maintain a constant measurement and humidity indoors. The measurement is very good when it is lower than 28 ℃, and the humidity is maintained between 50% and 70%, not lower than 40%. In such an internal environment, the wood stratum can maintain a stable shape. If the artificial humidity is not reached, it is suggested to use humidifier for humidification. Reinforced wood stratum: mop the ground with wet mop. It's easy to use and take care of yourself in summer. You haven't done it, nor can you diffuse your mind.
    Normally, in summer, pay attention to increasing the nominal humidity of the stratum. Mop the ground with a wet mop and appropriately increase the surface humidity, which can effectively deal with the cracks and cracks in the stratum. In case of cracks in the general position, it is necessary to stop filling and solve them all in time. After filling, properly increase the surface humidity to facilitate the recovery of the stratum. Solid wood multi-layer stratum: prevent sunlight exposure. The formation shall be prevented from colliding with hard (heavy) objects and scratching to prevent damage to the paint layer. If there are scratches or bumps, wipe them with household appliance polish or formation wax. Some special stains can be cleaned with mild detergent or warm water. There is no need to wax the floor of the room from time to time. Waxing for a period of time can fill and polish the fine scratches on the floor. Protect from sun exposure.
    According to the materials of different nationalities without the same stratum, choose appropriate methods to stop liquidation, so that you can occupy the pickled and clean stratum as new.
    The composite floor can be laid at least 24 hours after the application of solid wood. Otherwise, the composite floor can be laid at least three hours after the application of solid wood. A good floor is like a good car. It needs maintenance.
    The composite floor can be laid at least 24 hours after the application of solid wood. Otherwise, the composite floor can be laid at least three hours after the application of solid wood. A good floor is like a good car. It needs maintenance. In an ordinary decoration project, the floor is usually required to be installed earlier due to the problems that need to be solved by others during the construction period, so the floor is often damaged and polluted by other construction teams.
    The following situations often occur: the white spots on the floor are along the wall, because when painting, the paint chips are dropped on the floor and then scraped off with sharp tools; The damage of the living room floor is more tense than that of the bedroom, because the decoration workers often put the decoration materials in the living room. Therefore, it is proposed that after the installation of the floor, the floor maintenance shall be carried out two days before the placement of furniture. Generally, the water resistance of three-layer solid wood composite floor is poor, so it is not suitable to wipe it with wet cloth or water to avoid losing its luster. It is proposed to use floor maintenance products that meet the health and environmental protection specifications for floor maintenance.
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