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    2021-10-05 16:48:34 来源:http://www.joemulveyart.com
    Home for everyone is still more eager, and in the eyes of many people, a person's desire for a new home has always been more intense. It can be said that a new home is likable. So what Feng Shui stresses and taboos do you have when moving
    There is a saying in Neo Confucianism that "a auspicious place should be urged at a good time". It is necessary to choose an auspicious day and time. Usually, when moving, it is appropriate to choose "water" day instead of "fire" day. When Yang day is Yin, Yin day cooperates with Yang Chen. Choose a good auspicious day, but also depends on whether the auspicious day collides with the family Zodiac. If there is any harm, it should also be adjusted; In addition, on the basis of choosing a day, we should find out the specific appropriate time of the day and determine the appropriate moving time.
    God and Buddha should move in in advance
    If there is a deity in the home, it is necessary to move into the new house and worship in advance. It is also very important to move the new home to install the bed. We must choose the auspicious position. Before the auspicious time arrives, lean against the wall and wait until the time comes. After installing the bed, ask the children of the Chinese Zodiac dragon to turn over on the bed, commonly known as turning over the bed and turning over the shop, which is a symbol of addition and auspicious.
    Take half a pot of water from the original home, fill the kettle after arriving at the new home, cook and drink after mixing. Water means wealth. Half a pot of water means that the original wealth is not enough. You need to continue to earn after moving, and you need to keep getting rich.
    Set off firecrackers
    The custom of setting off firecrackers at happy events is well known among the people. It is no exception to move to a new house. In the excitement of firecrackers, the joy of relocation can be released. Also to inform the gods and ask for their protection.
    Avoid losing your temper
    We must be happy on that day. It is not only a happy day, but also an auspicious day. Therefore, we should pay attention to harmony, so that we can make money, be safe and happy. On the day of moving, the family can't cry, lose their temper, and beat and scold children.
    Burn incense
    The male (female) host holds three incense sticks in his hand and goes around the house. The corners have to be turned around, which means good luck and fragrance all over the house. Then put the incense in front of the stove and offer fruits and snacks. Good use of longan, fat cake, apple, persimmon and other homonymous auspicious tribute, must not use pear and other unlucky homonymous items. Turn over cake, longevity noodles, wine (long-term), etc. To three pieces of paper, salute.
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