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    2021-11-11 19:30:42 来源:http://www.joemulveyart.com
    Try to move before noon, because it is called Yang before noon and Yin after noon. Try to move at the time of Yang.
    Precautions: try to move before noon.
    Do not enter the house empty handed. On the day of moving, when I walked in for the first time, I must have some valuable things in my hand. For example, you can't walk in empty handed with a rice bucket, deposit book, etc.
      No construction after entering the house. After moving in, try not to build again. You can move things. If you want to do it again, you must choose a day.
     Pregnant women don't move. You can ask pregnant women to go back to their mother's house for a while before moving into their new house. Pregnant women try not to participate in the whole process of moving.
    The new house should be "fire nunnery". Three days before moving in, all the lights at home should be on for three days and three nights. On the third day, you move in. This is called Huo nunnery.
    Treat on the same day or afterwards. It's a treat on the day of joining. If the day is too busy, you can choose a day afterwards. After moving to a new home, I often invite good friends to make tea to make my family more popular.
    When moving, the owner should be present in person and cook dumplings and sweet tea on the same day. On the day of moving, the "stove" must fire, not cold stove. You can cook something sweet, such as sweet dumplings or sweet tea. Eat something sweet and ask for happiness.
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