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    2022-01-14 18:30:50 来源:http://www.joemulveyart.com
    What are the key points of moving and packing
    1. The package is seamless. If there is a gap in the box, the goods in the box will move and cause damage. If there is a gap, the newspaper will act as a buffer to fix the items in the box. The weight of the box can be moved by one person. Cartons should not be too large to avoid being handled.
    2. Be careful not to overload.
    Too many boxes are easy to deform and may damage the items in the box. In addition, when stacking boxes, they may collapse due to imbalance, which is very dangerous.
    3. The packaging of scattered items starts from the large and heavy ones, and the upper part should be as light as possible. Generally speaking, throwing is the way of handling, so the box should be sealed tightly, especially the box with heavy objects. The bottom of the box shall be sealed firmly (the box shall be sealed with transparent tape, which has strong adhesion and is not easy to crack).
    4. Bedding, pillows and other bedding can be folded and directly covered with large cloth bags or large plastic bags. If you don't have a big bag, you can wrap it with old sheets. Don't put fragile things in the quilt to avoid damage. You can also buy some compression bags. If you buy it online, you can spend about 30 yuan to buy 8 big ones. You can also get a free air pump. There are also in big supermarkets. For example, down jacket and thick quilt can save a lot of space.
    5. Articles used every day, such as small objects, textbooks, stationery or washing supplies, shall be marked on the outside of the carton for easy search. Cleaning supplies such as rags, rags and detergents are packed separately for use after going to bed.
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