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    2022-01-21 17:05:42 来源:http://www.joemulveyart.com
    How to save money by moving?
    (1) Choose a regular moving company
    To save moving expenses, Beijing elephant moving Co., Ltd. reminds you that you should first polish your eyes and choose a regular moving company. In order to reach the destination smoothly, do not find a moving company with small advertisements on the street, so as not to be hacked, resulting in some unnecessary losses and waste of time.
    (2) Save moving time
    To save moving time, first of all, make sufficient preparations. Before moving, empty large pieces of furniture and pack them by category. Household electrical appliances are packed in the original packing boxes for home appliances. The original packing boxes are relatively strong and have shock absorbing foam. Plates, cups, bowls and other fragile items need to be packed and packed with newspaper or foam cushioning material. Secondly, we can ask the moving company to send more people. We should reasonably arrange the time and itinerary, select the peak period of non traffic congestion and bypass the peak route, so as to avoid long delay on the road and increase the additional work delay cost of the moving company.
    (3) Minimize the number of vehicles
    The prices quoted by the moving company are single vehicle prices, so reducing the number of carrying vehicles can reduce the moving expenses. Therefore, when moving, we should choose longer and wider vehicles. Of course, it also needs to be well prepared to pack the things to be transported tightly to avoid too many scattered things and increase the number of transport vehicles.
    (4) Parking fee
    The price quoted by any moving company does not include parking expenses, so remember to say hello to your property management in advance on the day of moving, which can also save a sum of expenses.
    This article is provided by Zhangqiu moving company. Our website is: http://www.joemulveyart.com We will serve you with wholehearted enthusiasm. Welcome to visit

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