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    2022-02-10 13:32:32 来源:http://www.joemulveyart.com
    If you don't find an experienced regular moving company, the damage caused by them in the process of loading and unloading is actually large. When the items are shaking in the carton, I believe everyone's heart is also at sixes and sevens, and always cares about the dynamics of valuables. In fact, some damages in the process of handling can be avoided. The damage rate of moving away from home can be reduced by means of packaging and so on. In the process of furniture packaging, we should pay attention to the following aspects.
    1、 Select the appropriate size of the packing box
    When packing, we need to choose moving cartons or wooden boxes to pack according to the different materials of the articles, so as to match the softness and hardness of the articles and prevent the packing box from bumping the articles. Before placing items, you can put bubbles and pressure relief bags first to resist the impact of external objects on the containers, which can largely protect the goods from being knocked.
    2、 Consider the weight of each box
    When packing furniture, we should not let a single packing box be overweight, because the moving company will limit the basic weight of each packing box, and the price within the basic weight is reasonable. If it is overweight, it will increase everyone's handling cost. If reasonable loading and unloading, these costs can be saved, it is very important.
    3、 Items of the same specification are put in a packing box
    Putting items of the same size in the same packing box can save space and reduce the number of packing boxes. Reducing the number of packing cases is equivalent to saving a lot of handling costs. I hope you can put items of the same specification together in the process of packing, which is both neat and economical.
    4、 Pay attention to the packaging of vulnerable articles
    Vulnerable items refer to delicate small objects such as glasses. These items are easy to be ignored in the rush. When they arrive at their new home, they open the box with joy and see that their beloved cup has been damaged, which is heartbreaking for everyone. Therefore, if you want to avoid this situation, you must make preparations in advance.
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