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    Skills of moving house, packing and sorting:
    So, in the face of a room full of household belongings, how to pack up? Here to teach you a few tricks.
    Object sorting and packaging
    When moving, there is often confusion due to the variety and quantity of things. In order to facilitate handling and relocation and avoid damage, loss and confusion, take some time to plan, classify, sort and pack all items before moving.
    Small items
    Sorting principle
    1. Put light items on the top and heavy items on the bottom. The box shall be sealed tightly, especially the box with heavy objects. The bottom shall be firmly sealed (the box shall be sealed with transparent tape, which has strong adhesion and is not easy to break).
    2. The sporadic items shall be packed as far as possible to avoid scattering and loss after moving.
    3. Pack the items that must be used every day, such as kitchen supplies, children's textbooks, stationery or washing supplies, and mark them on the outside of the carton for easy search. Cleaning supplies such as dishcloth, dishwashing cloth and detergent are packed separately so that they can be used after arriving at the new house.
    4. Other spare parts, such as clothes and books, can be packaged according to the frequency and importance of use.
    5. Drugs and other articles can be separately packaged and marked for emergency use.
    6. Place the packed items in categories, such as fragile cartons and small household appliances, so as to distinguish them. On the one hand, it is easy to find them, and on the other hand, it is easy to remind the moving company to pay attention.
    7. All kinds of certificates, jewelry, passbooks and securities shall be kept in a centralized manner, and can be stored in the bank safe if necessary.
    8. Unloading, packing and coding: dismantle, classify, bundle and pack all kinds of items a few days before moving, and mark the items in the box with a marker outside the box, so as not to forget what is in the box. The number of the box should be omitted immediately after moving.
    Packaging method
    1. Pay attention to the collection of disassembled parts of some kitchen supplies, such as hot pot, so as not to be found during assembly in the future.
    2. Bowls, plates and all kinds of frying pans can be stacked together first, but they need to be padded with old newspapers. Put glassware and lamps into special boxes. Put the plates upright, not flat. Use glass tape or foam packaging material to wrap mirrors, glass frames or artwork. And mark "fragile articles" on the outside of the box.
    3. Wrap the blade with thick cardboard, and stick and fix it with adhesive tape.
    4. Books and magazines shall be bound in a cross shape with packing tape, and the turning place shall be protected with thick cardboard.
    5. All kinds of trinkets and scattered small things can be packed in small packaging boxes or plastic bags. After sealing with adhesive tape, you don't have to worry.
    Large items
    For those furniture, household appliances and daily necessities with large volume, they do not need to be packed when moving, but they can be transported away directly, but they should also be sorted out and prepared in advance.
    1. Unused household appliances, closets and other large items must be sent or recycled in advance.
    2. Unplug the refrigerator before handling, and then empty it. Don't put anything in it.
    3. First unplug the washing machine, and then completely drain the internal waste water.
    4. TV sets, computers, etc. shall be covered on the screen with cotton quilt or thick quilt, bound and protected, and then the plug shall be fixed with adhesive tape.
    5. The wardrobe, desk, etc. need to be emptied internally and locked (keep the key properly) or fixed with adhesive tape. Glue the four corners of the table with thick cardboard to prevent scratching.
    6. The mirror of the dressing table should be wrapped with transparent foam cloth in advance, and the cosmetics should be wrapped in paper one by one, and then put into plastic bags respectively.
    7. The clothes in the wardrobe can be wrapped with large sheets and hangers, and the quilt can also be wrapped directly with sheets. Then the four corners of the sheets are cross knotted, and the clothes and quilts are covered with plastic cloth to prevent dust and moisture. It is also convenient for movers to carry.
    Precautions during moving
    All kinds of boxes shall be in order (the size shall be the same), the single packing box shall not exceed one meter, and the weight shall not exceed 50kg. The items in all kinds of packing boxes shall be full and not crowded to avoid loose packing. If there is a gap in the box, it will shake the articles and use the cushioning materials such as newspaper and foam. The weight of the box can be moved by one person. The carton should not be too large to avoid difficult handling.
    Fragile articles or heavy objects must be marked with "fragile, attention", "heavy objects, base down" and other words on the outside of the carton.
    You can make a list of packaged items for easy searching and sorting.
    When carrying, pay special attention to whether there are items missing in the old house and whether all the items are loaded on the car. Pay attention to whether the gas, water and electricity in the old house have been turned off.
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