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    1. The day of relocation shall not conflict with the zodiac of the family and the heavenly stems and Earthly Branches of the rizhu Lunar birthday. In particular, it shall not conflict with the rizhu of the house owner, such as punishment, noon, Chou weichong, Yin Shenchong, Mao youchong, Chen Xuchong and Si Haichong Yin has applied for punishment, Chou Xu has not been punished, Zi Mao punishment, Chenchen, noon, Youyou, Haihai self punishment.
    2. When moving, it is better to choose water day and less fire day. Sitting in the new house: those facing east should not move on the day of Si, unitary and ugly (three alloys); Those facing the West should avoid moving in the days of Hai, Mao and sanhemu; Those facing south should not move on Shen, Zi and Chen (sanheshui) days; Those facing north should avoid moving in Yin, afternoon and Xu (sanhehuo). Zhangqiu moving company telephone
    3. The owner of the house, rizhu, whose heavenly stems and earthly branches are Yang stems (such as a, C, e, G and ren) on the Lunar birthday, should choose the Yin time (such as Chou, Mao, Si, Wei, you and HAI) to move as auspicious; for the Yin stem (such as B, D, Ji, Xin and GUI), it should choose the Yang time (such as Zi, Yin, Chen, afternoon, Shen and Xu) to move as auspicious.
    4. When moving, avoid dates that conflict, punish and harm your relatives. Auspicious days should be avoided in March, July and September of the lunar calendar. These three months coincide with "Qingming", "Yulan" and "Chonggong" respectively, which are traditional "Ghost Festivals". It is not suitable for wedding, moving and other festive events. Generally, it is advisable to avoid moving on the first and fifteenth days of the first day of the lunar calendar.
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